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I love my showerhead!

We all know that saving water is good and that saving hot water is even better. But most of us really enjoy taking an all-embracing hot shower. What to do? I have the perfect answer for you: install an American Standard FloWise 3 function water-saving showerhead.

This is a good-looking showerhead that has 3 settings, turbine spray at 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm), full spray at 2.5 gpm and a combination spray at 2.5 gpm. (Low flow is classified as anything 2.5gpm or under; most low-flow heads deliver the full 2.5gpm). Each time you turn it on, it defaults to the 1.5 gpm setting (so no chance of you forgetting and using 2.5 gpm by mistake). The three settings are a bonus if you need to `sell’ the idea of a lower flow shower-head to your reluctant partner. You can tell them that they will still be able to have an abundant shower.

small showerhead

The truth is, though, that the default setting of 1.5 gpm is thoroughly satisfying; I would be surprised if anyone ever uses other settings.

This showerhead does all the other things you might want (tilts, has a rubber surface to prevent lime build-up, etc.), is easy to install (just unscrew your old one and screw this one on) and can be had for only about $40 on Amazon. If you think that you could save about 5 gallons of hot water per day (based on 10 minutes of household showering using a regular low-flow head), that is a price well-worth paying (in my opinion).

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