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I never leave home without….

……my stainless steel tea thermos. In fact my kids run after me with my cup of tea if they see it left behind.

I have tried various thermos products to keep my tea hot. The hands-down winner is the Innate Commercial Dr 12oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup. I love how this cup looks. I love that it does not leak even when stowed causally, upside down, in my handbag. I love that it keeps my tea so hot even when I am out in the freezing cold on my skis and skates (in fact the tea is often too hot to drink when you first open the lid). I also love that the drinking rim is thin and metal (although there is a sort of sipping cup built into the lid, I ignore this). I don’t like the thickness of plastic when you sip and I don’t like the taste of plastic after a while. So this cup meets all my requirements (though wouldn’t be suitable for someone who wants a semi-covered cup to sip on the go, as you have to reveal all when you take the lid off).

innate cup

As a company, Innate (which is Vancouver-based) also tries to reduce its footprint and be totally transparent about its business practices (see here).

Imagine, then, how sad I was when I looked at the Innate website to find that my favourite all-time cup has been discontinued….and been replaced with other cups, none of which offer the same sleek features as my treasured tea cup (although one does have an interesting-looking built in loose-leaf tea filter). Perhaps I will try some of the new cups and let you know how they work. But, in the meantime, I would hotly recommend that you purchase any last cups that you can find. Amazon still has some in various colours for only about $10. Here in Canada I purchased mine at Mountain Equipment Coop. Maybe they still have some on their stands, but there are none on the website. Good job that I have a back-up in case of loss or another disaster.

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