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Green bags for your greens

The transition to reusable shopping bags has been smoother than most people anticipated. It seems that, despite our low expectations of ourselves, we are usually able to remember to bring a bag when we shop for groceries.
(The only problem, now, is the proliferation of reusable bags which tend to embody about 20 times the carbon as the light, disposable variety. At least they don’t swirl around and pollute our waterways and oceans).

The next step is to eliminate those super lightweight plastic bags which are used to gather up fruit and veg. I try not to use these and usually get a hard time from the cashier when the fruit is rolling around everywhere.
A better alternative is a reusable produce bag.

Carebags Green small

My favourite are from a Vancouver company called Carebags. They sell green, mesh bags with drawstring closures. The bags are tough, stretch to fit lots of apples and can be used for other things too (washing produce, storing it, keeping small items together in the laundry, etc.). They are made in Canada and are extremely light which is good for the weighing scale at the supermarket and good for shipping if you buy them on line (they are also available at a growing number of super-markets).

There are alternatives. I have some organic cotton mesh bags, but these are heavy and more expensive. Some local supermarkets are also bringing out their own bags, but these are typically made overseas and not designed as well as Carebags.

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