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The best all round cleaning cloth

I know that household cloths are not exactly a glamorous topic of conversation, and I can forgive you (perhaps I even envy you) if you have never given them much thought. However, if you do have a thing about cleaning, or just like good, long-lasting products, then I can hotly recommend Mabu cleaning cloths.

mabu small

These cloths are made out of 8 layers of woven wood fibres. They are tough, soft (after initial washing: they come stiffened with natural starch) and durable.

But the thing that I like best about them is that they are naturally resistant to odours. I also use traditional cotton dish cloths, which I like, until they get that nasty, rancid smell. To get rid of the smell requires either bleach or very high temperatures, neither of which sits well with my eco-conscience. My Mabu cloth, on the other hand, lives in the dark, in a closet where I hide it after washing my floor. Despite this lack of light and warmth, it never gets smelly.

I wash my Mabus in warm water, but they don’t do well in the dryer (of course, you are not using a dryer, anyway….). Since they are made from wood pulp fibre, they can be composted when they eventually exceed their usefulness (which should be several years).

Mabu cloths are available on Amazon, at various health stores and, in the UK, at Waitrose and Lakeland. Home Hardware, here in Canada, sells an apparently identical product – the Natura wonder cloth. I have never been able to tell the difference so maybe these are just Mabu under another name.

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