Cleaning up after Christmas

I like Christmas more and more each year, but by the end of December I am usually itching to get all the Christmas ‘stuff’ out of the house and get a good clean going.
I have posted several times about effective and non-toxic cleaning products (see here for silver cleaning, stainless cleaning, window cleaning, dish cleaning,  the list goes on). I have also told you about my favourite cleaning cloth. But I haven’t really got down and dirty on other cleaning implements. So here we go……

First let me say that I believe there are two fundamentally different types of people in this world: those that wash up with a brush (I fall into this category) and those that wash up with a cloth or sponge (god forbid).

Cloth and sponge people: I respect you, I admire you, but I just don’t understand why you would choose a grimy cloth over a lovely washing-up brush. And, in my view, the loveliest of all the washing up brushes is the ‘professional’ washing-up brush made by the Swedish company, Stiwex, sold by Lakeland in the UK (2 for £5.99).

This brush lasts for years (I kid you not) without the bristles flattening, thereby cutting back on significant amounts of plastic and landfill space. The handle is the right length, the bristles are the right stiffness: it works.

And maybe I like that I am officially a professional cleaner when I use it. Beats being a downtrodden housewife.

I haven’t found these Stiwex brushes stateside, which limits the usefulness of this post. I am sorry. Lakeland does ship overseas, but the cost is high (a £15 washing up brush may not be worth it). So just make sure that next time a friend travels to the UK, you lodge a request for a cheap and useful souvenir.

As much as I love my blue-bristled brush, there are jobs that it can’t handle. For that you need scourers and scrubbers and the like. It won’t surprise you to know that I have views on those too, but you’ll have to wait a week or so to hear them.

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